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StonePillow Design is a inbound marketing company that looks at the whole picture and ask “what if?” and “what’s next?”.

Brad Mardis

Owner and Graphic Designer He is a native Oklahoman, having attended high school in Stillwater, then graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts in Graphic Design. If I could make a better living outside of graphic design I would coach. I love to teach and watch the light bulb come alive after working with a student or athlete on a particular skill. That one moment can keep me fired up for weeks.

Adam White

Web Developer Partner (Mainstreet Open) Adam spends a lot of time making sure his 6 kids are being creative. His knowledge of WordPress and marketing instincts are a valuable asset to our team. Just don’t call him while he is in “Cave Mode” that is when he is working on his next great design for the world to see.

Mike Koehler

Social Media Partner (Smirk New Media) Mike believes web content and social media have become the greatest tools for people to connect with one another and for companies to connect with their customers. Mike likes to sit quietly while you talk, all the while listening, then say something so funny and off the wall it completely takes you by surprise. If you talk with Mike and do not laugh at least once then you must have talked to his alien clone who is not as funny.

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Is Web Design Dead?

I recently read a blog post by Sergio Nouvel on UX Magazine on the subject that website design is dead. He made a lot of great points from the Commoditization by Templates to Facebook being the new face of small business. I first thought yeah he is completely right....
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